IRS Victory… For Now (Audio Report)


(1 min – Faith2Action)

The IRS announced it would stop working on new rules to restrict the First Amendment rights of Tea Parties and conservative groups… until next year.

After receiving over 150,000 public comments–more than double what the Treasury Department and the IRS have received regarding “draft proposals” over the last seven years, the IRS agreed to wait, for now, on attempting to make permanent the policies they used to target conservative groups that led to last year’s scandal.

The recent Lois Lerner hearings have proved how widespread the corruption and disregard for Constitutional authority is within the IRS. The American people must remain vigilant and be ready to thwart the next IRS attempt to silence Christian and conservative speech.

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Hating Jesus: The American Left's War on Christianity

Matt Barber with Paul Hair

The secular left doesn’t merely have a disagreement with Christianity. These are not people with whom one may reason, compromise or even disagree. They are dedicated to evil. They demand nothing less than the abolition of the biblical worldview, and the destruction of Christ’s followers right along with it.

Now is the time to fight back. If you are someone, Christian or not, who refuses to see Christianity wiped out (like it ever could be) and your children indoctrinated into pure evil, then sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option.


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