Creepy Little Weirdo’s Murder Rant Becomes Cultural ‘Rashomon’


Isla Vista mass murderer Elliot Rodger’s 7-minute video and 141-page manifesto have become a Rashomon — a story whose meaning is different to everyone. The Washington Post has Style section writer Ann Hornaday telling us how Rodger’s video rant reflects “misogynist” themes promoted by Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the shooter’s mention of Monette Moio — she shows up on Page 41 of Rodger’s manifesto as “a pretty blonde girl” he said teased him when he was in 8th grade and she was in 7th grade — drew an angry reaction from the girl’s father:

The woman’s father said it was Saturday morning when his 20-year-old daughter realized Rodger had made her part of his sick story.

“She’s devastated by this,” the dad said in a phone interview. “She doesn’t even remember this guy. . . . She’s always been the most delicate kid you’d ever want to meet. For him to call her a bully, this kid was really disillusioned.

“She was 10 years old,” the dad added. “He was two years older than her. He was in my son’s class. She was in the seventh grade and he was in eighth grade. . . . Can you imagine a 10-year-old kid bullying a 12-year-old? This little, petite girl bullying him?”

In his screed, Rodger called his crush an “evil bitch” who “teased and ridiculed” him and “wounded me deeply.”

The reality — this was just a girl he had a crush on in 8th grade, a girl who never even noticed him — became something completely different inside the twisted mind of the Creepy Little Weirdo. Speaking of twisted minds, Amana Marcotte’s got a long rant headlined, “How ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Philosophy and Its More Misogynist Backlash Shaped Mind of Alleged Killer Elliot Rodger.”

PJ Media’s Dr. Helen Smith fires back: “The Elliot Rodger Case: If Pick-Up Artists Are Guilty, Then So Are the Feminists.” Dr. Helen is a psychologist who has specialized in studying male violence and is also the author of Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream — and Why It Matters. If anybody is an actual expert in this area, she is.

The focus on “pickup artist” (PUA) culture as an influence on Roger is probably misguided. As his manifesto makes clear, the Creepy Little Weirdo had been overwhelmed by resentment and a sense of failure since he was in middle school, and he didn’t start ranting on PUA forums until after he had already decided on his “Day of Retribution.” So he acquired from PUA culture a jargon (“Alpha males,” etc.) but this was not the source of his anger, nor did it exercise a determining influence on his actions. As for the PUA culture itself, they are denouncing Elliot Rodger as “effeminate.”

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