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Comedian Adam Carolla Tells Salon, ‘The Gay Mafia is Real’


In a recent interview with the hard-left online publication, actor and comedian Adam Carolla pulled no punches on the left’s new fascism and explained how political correctness is being used as a weapon to silence opposition to the radical “progressive” agenda. (Warning: the linked interview contains profanity).

On the “gay mafia”:

Homosexual activists, says Carolla, have…

…just turned into a mafia and demanding everyone apologize for every joke and retract every statement.

In terms of sexual proclivities, it’s turned into something that’s bigger than it is. I’ve lived in this town (Hollywood) my whole life and never seen it like this.

On the homosexual lifestyle:

I don’t even know who’s gay and who’s not gay nine times out of 10 — why do you even need to know? Your skin color and gender one can see, if one wanted to discriminate. In terms of sexual proclivities, I don’t know what someone’s into! You could work with someone who’s into kids — how would you know? I don’t know and I don’t care.

Carolla says he’s come to surrender to the novel notion of so-called “gay marriage,” primarily: “So they (homosexuals) can shut the #@$! up.” Also because he doesn’t “want to be lying on my deathbed and realize gay marriage and legalization of marijuana is all I discussed the last half of my life.”

It seems that, like Carolla, a majority of Americans are beginning to recognize the harsh reality of today’s “gay mafia.” It likewise seems that many, to again include Carolla, have succumbed to the homosexual activist bullying, thrown up their hands and thrown in the towel.

That’s why bullies bully.

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