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Islam & Equality? Not If You’re Black


Islam is an ideology which is based upon, and functions upon paltering. It lies to its followers. It lies to unbelievers (kaffir or infidels). And one of its biggest lies is: Islam is a religion of equality.

I’ve covered Islam’s inequity and intolerance (to the point of slaughter) of women & children…but what about the growing conversion group to Islam: Africans and those of African descent?

If you’re African, of African descent or know someone who is, AND is considering converting to Islam, here’s a little info they might have missed.

Islam is not the friend of Africans. Arab Muslims do not consider themselves equal with blacks — and here’s a little history to explain why:

Arab Muslims believe they are the true Muslims, since Muhammed was Arab, all Muslims turn toward Mecca & Medina for daily prayer, and Islamic rituals and practices pre-date the Quran (of course, that’s because Muhammed incorporated the traditions into Islam).

When, by the sword, Islam invaded and conquered Africa, the indigenous peoples that had previously prospered in Egypt, Nubia (southern Egypt and Sudan), Carthage (modern Libya, Tunisia and Algeria) and Mali were annihilated. Nothing escaped the fury of Islam…native peoples and tribes were slaughtered by the millions, ousted and pushed to the south. Ibn Battuta, the Islamic historiographer, documents the extensive racism against Africans (as well as Indian and Persian Muslims).

Islamists have made an art out of paltering and often tell Africans that their roots in Africa are Muslim. The reason for that is their Christian ancestors were forced into Islam (or slaughtered if they refused). THAT’S how all became Islamic. Arab culture and the Arab race became ‘native’ to North and West Africa. (The sword is a powerful persuader.)

Arabs ravaged Africa for almost a millennium, enslaving Africans on a grand scale long before the Europeans began exporting black slaves.

The Arabic word for “black” (“abed”) is also the word for “slave.” This is because the black Africans became synonymous with slaves to Arabs. Even in the heartland of Islam today, Saudi Arabia, the word for “Black” remains “Abed” — also meaning slave.

To ensure that black men could not have children (as I noted in my last article) Muslims castrated them; many died in this barbaric cruelty. This is the reason there are no Blacks in the Middle East.

Muhammed HIMSELF owned black slaves (Muslim scholar Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya in his book, “Zad al-Ma’ad” [part 1, pp. 114-116]).

Slavery is a divine institution in Islam, enshrined in the Quran and immutable for all time. For a Muslim to admit that slavery is a mistake is to admit the inerrancy of the Quran and brings its divine origin into question.

And we’re not even touching the fact that Islamic slavery in Africa continues today. You’ve not heard of it in the media because their new protected “minority,” Muslims, are the perps.

So, for those considering Islam: Think twice before you consider leaving the true religion of freedom (Christianity), for the draconian system under the burqa of religion (Islam).  If you happen to be African or of black descent, you will forever be seen as a slave.

Shalom through strength…

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