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Our Immoral and Unrighteous Government


Message from a reader, yesterday: “I suggest you limit your crusade to morality and righteousness in America, and leave climate change alone…”

Well, I would–only when government gets into the flim-flam business to take the people’s money and their liberties, I’d say that was pretty immoral and unrighteous.

What I don’t see is how morality and righteousness can thrive in any nation where the government uses lies and scare tactics to increase its power and wealth at the people’s expense. I write about Global Warming/Climate Change/Whatevuh because it shows Stalinist wannabes trying to use “science” as an excuse to impose their will.

If we believe in Man-Made Global Warming, and if we believe that government can protect us from it, if we give government vast new powers, we are just asking to be enslaved.

The federal government of the United State has taken unto itself powers far in excess of those enumerated powers assigned to it under the Constitution. Before we trust them with more power, let’s look at what they do with the power that they have already.

They run up huge public debt, much of it for vain and frivolous projects, and endanger the economic well-being of future generations.

They have intruded the government into every sphere of public life, in spite of the Tenth Amendment, which limits the federal government’s powers to those enumerated in the Constitution.

They campaign against Christianity, trying to drive it out of the public decision-making process.

They promote abortion, and seek to force Christians and other objectors to fund it.

They promote homosexuality.

They play class warfare and encourage the people to covet their neighbors’ property, and to envy them.

They foment and inflame all kinds of bitter divisions and rivalries among the American people, for their own political advantage.

They steal from us. No one goes home poor from Capitol Hill.

They seek continually to erode our freedoms, especially those guaranteed to us under the First and Second Amendments.

Finally, I don’t know about you, but this particular administration’s lust for lawlessness, nakedly and boldly expressed by its top officials, leaves me breathless.

Do you really want to give more power to persons who have done so much wickedness with the power that they have?

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