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VIDEO: A Glimpse of How Bad It Could Get In America


If someone really wants to know how bad things could get in America, all they have to do is look to Europe. In countries like France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain, a new fascism dominates the social and political landscape. In these countries, Leftist radicals literally terrorize anyone who dares to speak out against multiculturalism, diversity or so-called “tolerance.”

In a CBN video report, Free Speech Farce: Rise of American Fascism, correspondent Dale Hertz reveals the frightening direction in which America is heading.

“Free speech is being hounded, demonized and shouted down by what some call a Left-wing fascism that will not tolerate any views that it doesn’t like. And if you want a glimpse into how bad it could become in America in the future look to Europe,” Hertz reports.

“But we’re not even talking about real racism,” Hertz continues, “If you’re against radical Islam or against immigration, you can be labeled a racist; wave your nation’s flag too much and you’re a fascist; take American conservative values of God, country, and traditional family to Western Europe, and you’d be branded extreme right, anti-woman, homophobic and even Nazi. And should you be brave enough to actually demonstrate publicly for a conservative cause, you could be physically attacked or in Sweden your home might be wrecked.”

Voicing criticism of same-sex “marriage,” Islam or liberal immigration laws can be very dangerous in these countries. Those in Europe who still hold to conservative values survive by remaining silent and not expressing their beliefs or opinions in public. And America is at serious risk of going the way of Europe.

“And if this new fascism is not turned back, life for conservatives in America could become more of a challenge as it already is for many conservatives in Europe, ” Hertz concluded.

That’s why we must continue to “fight the good fight” (1 Tim. 6:12). Before it’s too late.

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