Your Sacred ‘Right’ to Point a Camera Up a Woman’s Skirt


In these days of hate speech laws, forced payment of other people’s abortions, threats to jail “Climate Change Deniers,” and “free speech zones”–our masters set these up to remind us there is no free speech outside of the teeny-weeny little zone–a recent ruling by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts comes as a breath of fresh air.

Don’t tell me our ruling class is trying to restrict our freedoms. Not in Massachusetts!

You may not be able to keep your five-year-old from being taught “you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel”; but the highest court of Massachusetts has upheld your sacred First Amendment right to stick a camera up a woman’s skirt and take a picture of her undies–or, if she isn’t wearing any undies, something else.

It was a unanimous decision. Ruled the court, “upskirting” is not prohibited under existing law in Massachusetts.

Gee–did you know there’s a whole “upskirting” subculture, with lots of websites on the Internet? I didn’t. Anyhow, one of these clowns got arrested for pointing his cell phone camera up women’s dresses on the subway. Although the prosecution argued that it was only reasonable that a woman should not have to put up with this in a public place, the court said no dice.

Normal people’s rights, it seems, are there only to be trampled on: but our rulers will do just about anything to protect the obscure and unwholesome “rights” of just about any little class of perverts they can find.

So, no, you can’t refuse to take part in a homosexual pseudo-wedding.

But you can stick your cell phone up a woman’s skirt and take a picture. You can even post the picture on the Internet.

That’s what libs ‘n’ progs mean by “freedom.”

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