American Christian Held in Canadian ‘Brig’ For ‘Thought Crimes’


As of the writing of this plea, my good friend Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, awaits his appeal of the Canadian Border Services’ decision to prevent his entry into Canada for his alleged “hate crimes” against homosexuals.

Late last night, Peter was briefly detained by the Canadian thought police who searched his luggage, computer, and phone and then released him until his appeal today at noon (Canadian time). I am pleading with Christians to contact and politely but firmly express their outrage at the detention of Peter at the Regina International Airport, Saskatchewan Airport last night and their effort to bar him from Canada.

Peter was invited to Canada by the Saskatchewan Pro-life Association to speak on the unholy alliance between the political movement to defend the “right” to destroy human life in utero and the movement to normalize sodomy and sodomitic relationships.

When Canadian homosexual despots heard that Peter was invited to their country, their panties got so wadded up around their heads they couldn’t think straight. That’s when they began their campaign to prevent Peter from entering the country. Yes, you heard that right. Anyone who holds and espouses unvarnished, uneuphemized biblical truth about homosexuality—not hate speech, but biblical truth—the Canadian government wants to stop at the border. Just try to say what St. Paul says in Romans, and it’s in the brig you go.

Nine years ago, I had never heard Peter’s name. Nine years ago, I had never heard of the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, or GLAAD. I had never heard of the dishonest homosexual activists and bloggers Wayne Besen, Jeremy Hooper, Joe Jervis, Timothy Kincaid, or Michael Signorile. I was a suburban mom raising four children and knew precisely nothing about the movement to normalize sodomy and oppress, repress, and suppress orthodox Christianity by any unethical means available.

I knew virtually nothing about this noxious cultural effort until I started working at Deerfield High School. It was that experience, witnessing up close the nature and extent of censorship, intolerance, arrogance, and, indeed, hatred from the Left that transformed me into an accidental activist.

Then I met Pete and learned that what I had experienced at Deerfield High School was small potatoes compared to what Pete experiences from the most virulent and tyrannical political group operating in America today.

With regularity Pete, a married father of five, is called “Porno Pete” and accused of being a closeted homosexual by silly men-boys whose life goal is to compel the world to believe that sodomy—an act which the creator of the universe abhors—is a legitimate activity upon which to center one’s identity and change the definition of marriage.

The reason for the epithet “Porno Pete” from the potty-mouths of the “no-name-calling” crowd is that Pete goes where most decent people fear to tread: the events of the anti-cultural, sodomy-celebrating movement. There he collects evidence to prove that this movement is wicked (yes, I’m deliberately using biblical language which sounds archaic to our cool, hipster, post-modern, post-Christian, non-rational anti-culture).

This is how those whose minds have been darkened by worshiping the bodies of those of the same sex work. They create, disseminate, and revel in pornography, promiscuity, and public displays of perversion, and then mock and revile Pete for collecting their filth as evidence of their perversity. They hurl this  epithet at Pete—not because they themselves find anything offensive about sodomitic porn—but in the hope of humiliating Pete into silence, marginalizing him from the Christian community, and hurting his family.

Pete is a hero to me. He is truly one of the most courageous men I personally know, enduring the vitriol, lies, threats, and bracing ugliness of the pro-homoerotic movement in order to awaken Christians to its threat to children, to families, and to First Amendment speech and religious rights.

Pete is a joyful, funny, compassionate, humble, whip-smart, serious Christian who desires that all come to know Jesus Christ—including those who vilify him. He deserves much more recognition, support, and appreciation from Christians than he receives. The machinations and lies of the Left have been effective in some Christian circles in marginalizing Pete. Those Christians should be ashamed.

I feel honored to have Pete as my friend.

As an aside, I wonder if Dan Savage, the homosexual man-boy who speaks so fecklessly about “integrity” and bullying while regularly spewing obscene hateful venom at orthodox Christians, would be allowed into Canada.

Please contact Chris Alexander, Minister of Education to express your outrage at Canada’s oppressive violation of speech and religious liberty through the banning of Peter LaBarbera:

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  • Rockon

    Here comes the homoactivist trolling peanut gallery…

    • John

      do you feel persecuted by the opinions of others??

      • David

        but isn’t that the basis of the LGBT thought police?

    • peteykins

      I’m so sorry the terrible gays are hurting you.

    • thisoldspouse

      Yep. So predictable. “hurray for fascism!!!”

    • Calvin

      I see every one of your comments on this account are anti gay. Either you’re a paid troll, or have an unhealthy obsession.

      • David

        I have no idea about Rockon’s obsessions nor do I want any but if the article he is commenting on is about homosexuality then his speaking against it would be appropriate (not saying he’s right). If the article is about raising chickens and he returns with an anti-gay rant then there is a problem.

    • vorpal

      I’m here! I’m here! *gasp*
      What did I miss???

  • John

    On The Janet Mefferd Show yesterday, Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality praised “countries like Uganda and Jamaica” for refusing to “follow the American path” and passing draconian anti-gay laws. He warned that the decriminalization of homosexuality opens a “Pandora’s box” and countries like Uganda “don’t want to learn this from America, we’ve become a very decadent nation and they want to preserve Judeo-Christian morals.”
    LaBarbera also waxed nostalgic for the good ol’ days when homosexuality was a crime in the US — falsely claiming that gay people never went to jail — and also hailed anti-gay laws in the colonial era, when homosexuality was punishable by death.
    What a great guy(sarc) off.

    • vorpal

      He’s a red-blooded Amurk’n Christian hero.

  • John

    Reflecting on his recent trip to Jamaica to defend the country’s ban on homosexuality, Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality said that homosexuality must remain a crime because otherwise gay people may — gasp! — organize politically and demand equality under the law.
    LaBarbera writes in an essay on his website that homosexuality acts like “an insatiable, devouring monster,” lamenting that “we in America have our own arrogant and vengeful ‘gay’ (LGBT) ‘monster in our midst.’”
    Folks, when I was in Jamaica I took time in my presentations to share this compelling passage from British historian Paul Johnson, from his book, The Quest for God: A Personal Pilgrimage. (Hat tip to Paul Cameron of Family Research Institute for bringing this to light.) I have found nothing that better explains the inevitable slippery slope of indulged pro-homosexual activism — from the repeal of anti-sodomy laws (motivated by well-intended but misguided compassion toward homosexuals as “victims”); to demands for “tolerance” of homosexuality; to the steady growth of a “gay rights” movement winning passage of laws granting affirmative “rights” based on sexual perversion (and gender confusion); to homosexual and transgender advocacy in schools (targeting even the very young [see book photo]); and ultimately, to the rise of a powerful, well-heeled Homosexual/Transgender Lobby that achieves dominance in society at the expense of biblical truth, religious tradition, public health and the rights of others to disagree.
    Note that Johnson correctly calls homosexuality a “great moral evil” – something I think even many committed Christians – neutered by political correctness and decades of “gay” propaganda – today would have a hard time admitting (to their shame). Johnson, writing in 1996, had not yet experienced the attachment of this moral evil to the noble institution of marriage itself (as is now legal in the U.K and in 16 American states). Sin’s advance – like an insatiable, devouring monster — destroys people and cultures, and displaces virtue with man-centered notions of wrong as right (Isaiah 5:20).

    Of course, we in America have our own arrogant and vengeful “gay” (LGBT) “monster in our midst” — and I warned the Jamaicans that they, too, will have one if they give in to Western powers by opening up the Pandora’s box of homosexual “rights” in their country. The smart and resolute Jamaican leaders and pastors whom I encountered understand the tragic lesson from Britain and the United States: all attempts to appease this self-justifying Sin Movement are doomed to fail, as each concession leads only to further, and more radical, demands.
    UPDATE: LaBarbera also used the “monster” line in his statement on Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson:
    Homosexual behavior is wrong, unnatural, often high-risk, but thankfully, changeable — as testified to by the redeemed lives of formerly “gay” men like Michael Glatze and ex-lesbian women like Yvette Cantu Schneider who have overcome homosexuality through faith in Jesus Christ. The Homosexual Lobby in America has morphed into an intolerant and ‘vengeful’ ‘monster in our midst’ — to quote British historian Paul Johnson in describing the growth of homosexual power in the U.K. Christians and moral-minded Americans must rally behind Phil Robertson, condemn the homo-fascist ‘Gay Thought Police’ led by GLAAD who regularly pressure the media into silencing moral speech, and demand that an energetic and civil debate on homosexuality be allowed to flourish in this land we call free.

  • David

    Canada is wrong for doing this but LaBarbera is no hero, he is vicious and plays fast and loose with the truth. Hardly Christian values as far as I see in the Bible.

    • Womyn2me

      Canada is not wrong for following their own laws. THEIR laws state that they can refuse entry to THEIR country for THEIR reasons.
      Canada is not a northern state in America. It is a different country with different laws and punishments.

      • David

        Because it’s the law makes it right? Uganda, Nigeria, Russia all come to mind right now.

  • Theodore Fenton

    Should Canada allow entrance for representatives of other designated Christian-based hate groups, KKK, AFA, FRC?

  • SoCalVet

    Hooray for Canada. Shut down the hate machine at the border.

    • vorpal

      You should see how the university students treated Ann Coulter when she tried to spew her vicious anti-gay hate. It was quite the LOL and a half.

  • Lamont Cranston

    Let’s hope diseased loon Laurie Higgins is next!

  • Calvin

    It’s no secret that Canada isn’t as accommodating to hate groups as we are here in the US.

  • Boy Elvis

    Until today, Laurie, I’d never heard of you…and I was definitely happier. I’m not worried, though, as in a few more years your bigotry will be viewed the same as we view racial separatists today. You and your ilk are on your way to well-deserved obscurity.

  • Paul Forsyth

    proud to be Canadian. We politely decline the services of your hate speech. Thank you.

    • vorpal

      Fellow Canadians unite! I am proud to be Canadian and raised there most of my life. I’d like very much to be proud to also have American citizenship and be an American, but this country can make it very, very hard to feel that way at times.

  • Kathy Coman

    Gosh and golly, Laurie! You’ve devoted your activist life to working for a group that’s been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Your writing skills seem to be skewed toward over the top invective and praise one of the most foul mouthed haters around, “Porno Pete.” You laud the draconian laws that wouldn’t have a chance of passing here or in Canada but get bent out of shape in that frothing, spittled way of yours when a country outlaws hate speech like yours. No wonder you and your ilk are losing.

    • Oscar

      Not so fast, Kathy. She doesn’t speak for all Christians in this article, and this Christian joined you in condemning her invective.

      But it’s more than a bit breathtaking hypocritical when you absolutely verbally trash a Christian writer, while all the while trafficking in the exact same invective yourself, ma’am. I had to wipe your own frothing spittle off my screen just to read your post.

  • kanehau

    Note to idiots… The U.S. Constitution only applies in the US. Bigots can’t hide behind it in other countries.

    You would think a “lawyer” like Porno Pete would realize that… But apparently stupidity has no limits.

    • MichelMT

      Well, apparently one limit- the Canadian border.

  • Better AndBetter

    Awesome! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! Glad you’re here in America, Porno Pete, where at least we know you’re a skuzbag…


    Filthy depraved SODOMITES may have a few fascist countries on lock down but over 80% of the worlds population still live in a country where homosexuality/sodomy is ILLEGAL. Chew on that fags.

    • Better AndBetter

      ROFLOL!!! What a ludicrous comment. Please list for us all the nations that make homosexuality a crime… it will come to nowhere near 80%.

      You, my closeted little sissy friend, suffer from delusions of grandeur.

    • kanehau

      Chew on my dick you closeted cock sucker.

    • Calvin

      So wrong.

  • Scratch89

    More of that patented Christian Love™

    • vorpal

      Far-right Christians are most definitely FULL OF IT.

  • kanehau

    “As an aside, I wonder if Dan Savage, the homosexual man-boy who speaks so fecklessly about “integrity” and bullying while regularly spewing obscene hateful venom at orthodox Christians, would be allowed into Canada.”

    There is a difference between spouting out right lies based on an invisible sky monkey that you deludedly believe you speak for… And telling the truth.

    But in your sorry ass mind, I doubt you see the difference.

    • Better AndBetter


  • zacharybynum

    I long for the day I had never heard of Porno Pete as well. It’s because of people like him, and Higgins, that gays are beaten and murdreed. The modern Christian Right

  • JPT

    Not to worry, the ACLU recognizes that freedom of expression covers despicable speech. What can’t be expected is freedom from marginalization.

    This is not the United States of Christian Supremacy. The Bible has no authority in law. You can endorse the Scriptural morality that homosexuals shall surely be put to death (Lev20:13) if you wish, but you will be pushed ever farther into the fringe.

    Acceptance of homosexuality is fait accompli, my Christian brethren. The Bible changes with evolution of human thinking, and so will you.

    • Paul H. Lemmen

      The spreading of heresy is sin. Your comment is heresy. Christ commanded us to detest the sin and embrace the sinner. Social acceptance of the homosexuality of others is not endorsement of that activity, it is resignation that people will persist in their sinfulness. The heresy you proclaim is the mutability of truth as expressed by the Word of God. Truth is immutable. This is your basic error, the denial of eternal truth.

      • Better AndBetter

        Your god is NOT immutable… it is nothing but a choice you made.

        • Paul H. Lemmen

          That is your opinion. Mine differs. You’ll not convince me yours is correct nor will I persuade you mine is correct. Freedom of speech allows both of us to state our beliefs. Free will allows us both to believe what we will. I stated my opinion. Yours will differ.

          • sagecreek

            You can always tell that you’ve remade God in your own image when he hates all the same people that you do.

          • Paul H. Lemmen

            Neither God nor I hate anyone. I hate their sin but not the person for we are all sinners and in need of God’s salvation. God is perfect, me, heh, not so much!

          • sftravel

            God is so perfect that he created human beings that he had to drown a few years after creating them because they (his own creation) had gone so evil they were beyond salvation. Some god !

          • Paul H. Lemmen

            Some people! God is perfect, his creation man, not so much! The reason? He gave mankind free will. That gives mankind the ability to choose. That is the basis of mankind’s ability to discern, to change their minds, to deviate from the mass of humanity, to hold and believe freely. This is the reason mankind is contentious with itself, those who freely follow their conscience and beliefs and those who blindly follow the herd. God, through His Son Jesus Christ, has given us a clear direction, a new covenant that has but two Commandments (for the old law and covenant has passed away through Christ) namely, to love your God with all your heart, your soul and your being and to love your neighbor as yourself. Thus we are commanded to love not hate. We must detest sin (that which separates us from God) but love the sinner and out of love for our neighbor encourage them to repent of their sin just as we are obligated out of love to listen to our nrighbor when they point out our own sin.
            I freely chose to follow the teachings of Christ after years of searching, of being involved in criminality and sin. I read and researched. And I prayed to whomever (that I discovered was and is God, our Creator) for enlightenment and guidance. My searching and prayers were answered and I believe.
            I also support your God given right to believe differently. I respect that right even when I believe you are in error.
            See my other comments above (or below depending on the default DISQUS sequence) for further insight.

          • sagecreek

            If you’re not a hateful person, what are you doing on this extraordinarily hateful and vituperative website?

          • Paul H. Lemmen

            People that desire to promote understanding don’t do such on happy sites, there is no need. Sites that have riled up commentary and hateful things being written by both viewpoints are in need of reason and love, someone willing to bear the doubts and cruel (often misguided) words to promote what God has said and commanded us to do: To love our neighbors as ourselves. Does the UN send Peacekeepers where there isn’t a conflict? No, they aren’t needed. I am needed here.

        • Paul H. Lemmen

          BTW, I said truth is immutable. Learn to read entire sentences. Punctuation helps with that. A period indicates the end of a sentence. A capital letter indicates (in the main) the beginning of a new sentence (a new and different idea than that of the previous sentence). Gosh, you wouldn’t have lasted a week with the nuns that were my teachers in primary school during the 60’s!

          • sftravel

            Too bad you were brainwashed by nuns in your childhood. It’s hard to overcome indoctrination when it’s implanted early in life, but it can be done.

          • Paul H. Lemmen

            I rejected all that at an early age and went on, as a non-believer, for many years of searching for something to believe in. My adult and informed belief (after years of research, reading and experiential knowledge) is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

      • Womyn2me

        The spreading of heresy is sin ONLY FOR YOU AND YOUR CO-RELIGIONISTS.
        Must I repeat this over and over? not all Christians believe as you do. Not all religions believe as you do. YOU believe this.

        • Paul H. Lemmen

          And to not believe the Word of God or to teach it in a corrupted way IS heresy. To differ from the orthodox. Read a dictionary sometime. I can only post my belief and understanding of truth. Accept, reject or modify as you see fit. It is your right to believe what you will. What you believe is your business, I’ll support you in your belief. I won’t share it, that is my right. I state my opinion. You state your opinion. We agree to disagree and have a beer. I may reject your beliefs as wrong or heresy but I will fight to the death for your right to express it and to believe it no matter how wrong I believe it is.

          • sftravel

            I would rather be a moral heretic than an immoral believer like you, mr. lemmen. Your attitude towards LGBT persons is not only ignorant, it’s morally repulsive ! Too bad you couldn’t have been born 100 years ago.

          • Paul H. Lemmen

            And you know my attitude towards LGBT persons how? Where have I published a single word of hate towards them? I contend we are to love every individual as we love ourselves. We must detest sin (in my belief) but never hate any of God’s creations. If I hated LGBT people I would hate my own baby sister. I do not hate her at all. I am not happy with her (for other reason, not her sexuality) but I love her and pray that God blesses her every day. Perhaps you might want to research before making a blanket condemnation of someone. My entire contention and reason for commenting on this thread is in support of free speech, even if it is speech we find offensive. I contend we all have that right to free speech.

  • Michael Hampton

    Perhaps if Peter didn’t spread lies about gay people, then the Canadians wouldn’t consider him part of a hate group and deny him entry into their country.

    • RhondaStar

      The real martyr complex is with homosexuals. They even feel the need to fabricate hate stories to achieve exalted victim status. The Love of Hate: Homosexual Martyrdom Complex, another article published today on BarbWire gives several examples. But you better stay away from that article or it might burst your little “gay” bubble.

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  • Oscar

    Laurie, I really appreciate your strong defense of this fine man and your courage in speaking out publicly regarding Canada’s offensive act against him. That being said, I have some questions:
    In the midst of (an otherwise outstanding) article like this one, why would you feel the pressing need to insert the phrases “their panties got so wadded up around their heads” and to repeat the term “man-boys”?

    What positive good did that silly and offensive phrase do for your fine article and your sound argument?

    Why would you choose to sabotage your own side, with slurs like that, referring to homosexuals?

    Is this cultural war not sufficiently emotionally charged for you?

    Is there not enough extremism and hate coming from the other side?

    Why would you go out of your way to give the homosexuals this ammunition with which to falsely accuse us of hate?

    Readers, I can easily see Jesus defending traditional marriage, and boldly speaking up against injustice. I CAN’T see him using the foul phrases found here (“panties” and “man-boys”). I don’t get it.


    • Laurie Higgins

      Oscar, with all due respect, I disagree with your suggestion that the use of the common expression (panties in twist, bundle, wad etc.) to describe the frenetic agitation of homosexual activists who seek to silence all dissent is inappropriate.
      Nor do I think the use twice of “man-boys” to describe men like Dan Savage and those who parade about in public wearing next-to-nothing, or thongs, or blasphemous costumes at events like Folsom Fair, or “Up Your Alley,” or the “Hunky Jesus” contest is inappropriate. These kinds of words and acts are not only obscene and wicked, but they’re puerile as well and deserve to be described as such. I guess I could have used biblical language and described them as “vipers,” but that seemed harsh.

      Theologian and pastor Doug Wilson has written brilliantly on the topic of strong language:

    • vorpal

      Oscar, even though I’m sure we’d largely disagree on everything, thank for being a voice of sanity in the argle-bargle histrionics that is this website.

      • Oscar

        Thank you. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • Womyn2me

      I have said all along that it is the Christians job to speak out loudly aobut false Christians like Pete and Matt and Fred Phelps/WBC.
      They are your problem.

      • Oscar

        I recognize that and I do. Not because womyn tells me to do so, but because my GOD does.

        Save your indignation for someone else, because if you read this site, so will see it is full of the same as my comments above.

        I call evil evil, no matter WHERE I find it.

  • vorpal

    LOL yes, of course. Dan Savage “spews hate” at Christians, whereas Pete LaBarbera “preaches love” at homosexuals.

    One day you guys are going to seriously overdose on the kool-aid, and I’m not going to be around to help.

  • Lamont Cranston

    And now the whiny bigots been allowed to stay in Canada after all. Martyrdom ain’t what it used to be. Maybe he’ll be murdered in Canada and y’all can start the martyrbation all over again.

  • Womyn2me

    I enjoy all the carrying on about how his right to free speech was violated. That’s an American right, honey. the world is a big place and there are actually other countries with whole sets of their own laws. You should read up on it.

  • MurderInTheBarn

    I thought only God was allowed to punish people for thought crimes?

  • sagecreek

    Oooooh, Sparklepony was right, this site is high-larious!

  • David Franks

    “an act which the creator of the universe abhors . . .”

    Since Mrs. Higgins prides herself so much on her “rationality,” would it be asking too much for evidence of the existence of this gay-hating universe-creator?

    Also, if the IFI loves La Barbera so much, why did they fire him after he botched their failed anti-gay marriage amendment?

  • David Franks

    Mrs. Higgins’ opinions are based entirely on fantasy (“Imaginary gay hating “universe creator” says I’m right!”), although what can one expect from a silly woman-girl whose only credentials are having worked as a tutor in a high school writing lab? Is this the best the IFI can do?