Boy Scouts Boot First Openly ‘Gay’ Scout Leader


Get ready for the firestorm. In the biggest news to hit the Boy Scouts of America since their terrible decision to allow homosexual youths to participate in scouting, they have just fired an openly “gay” scoutmaster.

In a first, the BSA fired 49-year-old homosexual Eagle Scout Geoff McGrath. He had been asked by his Methodist pastor, Reverend Monica Corsaro of Rainier Beach United Methodist Church in Seattle, Washington, to start a new troop last Fall. McGrath had been leading the troop since that time.

BSA spokesman Deron Smith said the organization decided to take action when the media contacted their headquarters and made them aware of his homosexuality. Reports are that McGrath inappropriately discussed his sexual preferences in the troop setting. McGrath told King 5 News that he didn’t hide his “orientation” and that the Boy Scouts knew about his open support of gay rights. “They were fully aware of my prior activism,” he stated.

“Our policy is that we do not ask people about their sexual orientation,” Deron Smith told NBC, “and it’s not an issue until they deliberately inject it into Scouting in an inappropriate fashion.”

Although a recent BSA policy change made in May of 2013 allows homosexual youths to join the organization, “gay” men are still not allowed to be scoutmasters.

All of the usual suspects in the militant homosexual movement are already in an uproar over this latest development.

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  • 2lassie3

    I would never allow my son to be in scouts with a gay leader. Call me what you want but, it is not something that I would do.

    • thisoldspouse

      Any more than I would let my young daughters hang out with a grown man in remote locations.

      • Mark Luttrell

        Ya. Good point. Agreed. Taking for granted that our kids leaders are people of good character is risky. Scares the heIIouta me.

      • RhondaStar

        Exactly. This is not about discrimination at all. We would keep heterosexual males away from girls, and homosexual males from boys. Especially when we’re talking about all night camp outs.

        • thisoldspouse

          Sometimes week-long camp outs (summer and winter camp.)

          Although the general age for joining as a boy scout is around 11, many boys mature sexually shortly after that. This young adolescent phase has been PROVEN to be preferred by many homosexual men.

  • kbrockm

    “Reports are that McGrath inappropriately discussed his sexual preferences in the troop setting. McGrath told King 5 News that he didn’t hide his “orientation” and that the Boy Scouts knew about his open support of gay rights. “They were fully aware of my prior activism,” he stated.” – Probably thought he could ease his troop into working on their “Gay Badge,” if you know what I mean!

  • Mark Luttrell

    I have a problem with it. I want the guy that leads, the’look up to’ guy, not to appear approving, much less commenting or discussing alternative lifestyles with kids.
    It has no place in scouting. Sexual orientation is an aspect of life that should not be included in any educational processes. Kids are too gullible. Their ‘away from home’ leaders should have enough Character to function in this matter.

  • Nancy Knowles

    Why do these gayctivists INSIST on introducing sexual subject matter with minors? Do they think that children need, or want, to be sexualized by them? When did this stop being called sexual perversion or, at least, sexual harassment? This is the natural result of elevating one’s sexual nature to the first order of their existence. Before species, before gender, before race/ethnicity, before anything else, sexual proclivities (there is no such thing as orientation, btw) modify EVERYTHING these people do. Has anyone else had enough of this?

    • thisoldspouse

      Proof that it is, indeed, a mental disorder.

      • John

        Nope, but belief in invisible beings is

        • thisoldspouse

          You believe in an invisible “condition,” so who’s irrational?

        • RhondaStar

          No, it’s a mental disorder to hate that which you don’t believe exists.

          • Trenton Hansen


    • Martin Rizley

      The Bible explains that the source of all sexual immorality is the “flesh”– man’s fallen human nature corrupted in Adam. Man in his natural condition, the Bible says, is spiritually “dead” in his trespasses and sins;. And like any corpse, left to himself, spiritually dead man will simply rot morally until and unless he is “raised to life” through union with Jesus Christ in his resurrection (that’s what the Bible calls being “born again”). Were it not for the presence of societal ‘restraints’ that keep our corrupt nature in check– such things as good parental training and discipline, moral and religious education, societal pressure, social custom, fear of the law,etc.– every human being would act on every corrupt and disordered arising from the flesh What is happening in our culture is that, owing to the apostasy of so many who have turned their backs on God, the moral restraints formally in place in our culture are being removed. So we can expect to see ever more flagrant displays of deviant sexual expression in the public square, like that of this scout leader who spoke to young boys about his sexual appetites. That’s why we need more courageous public figures like Scott Lively who will call for legislation banning homosexual propaganda to young people in the public square and in the public schools.

      • ken

        Great point. Those that don’t know Christ don’t have anything to keep them in check like the Holy Spirit as we do. Societal restraints are less and less as morals have been steadily going downhill. As society gets worse and worse I fear for our children. We need to address the root problem with society and it’s that they need Jesus. We need to pray for a revival in this morally bankrupt country of ours.

    • Trenton Hansen

      Allowing gay men to be scoutmasters is like allowing alcoholics to be bartenders.

  • Matthew T. Mason

    Just you wait: Here on this very board, people are going to openly defend this guy.

    But my suggestion to them is to keep their mouths shut, unless you want everyone here to know you want kids to be sexually abused.

    And don’t tell me that wouldn’t be the case.

    In 2012, it was revealed the BSA had a 20-year file on scout leaders numbering in the hundreds that had sexually abused the boys in their care.

    Is it in any way, shape, matter or form reasonable to want this to continue, this time with the full knowledge of the BSA?

    The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a huge wedge issue with me. It disgusts me regardless of who does it. Even Jesus Himself said it was better to put a millstone around your neck and throw yourself into the sea than to harm a child.

    So, again, if you come in here to defend this, you are a defender of pedophilia, which makes you lower than whale dung to me. You can better believe there’s no room in heaven for people who boff kids and those who defend them.

    • thisoldspouse

      Unfortunately, the BSA will eventually – I think very soon – relent to the Gaystapo and allow whatever homosexual activists want, including a “Fisting Merit Badge,” (under the innocuous title of “public health,” of course). The BSA stupidly opened this pandora’s box, and they will get the full measure of its consequences.

      • RhondaStar

        Thanks for the good laugh. But you’re exactly right.

    • Ben

      Yes, keeping out openly gay men sure does help a lot on preventing pedophilia. It’s not like the largest and most well known pedophilia scandal involves an organization that doesn’t allow homosexuality or anything.

      • Matthew T. Mason

        So…what’s your point?

      • RhondaStar

        Yet, we should still do everything in our power to prevent another such scandal from happening.

        And if the Catholic Church had done the same thing that the BSA has done in this case, a lot of the abuse could have been prevented.

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  • polymath156

    The BSA showed some guts on this and should be congratulated. I am impressed.

  • Carson Lauffer

    My gosh! What a surprise! What a surprise that a United Methodist female pastor asked an openly gay man to start a Boy Scout Troop. I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you.