World Vision, Tom Minnery and Appeasement Theology


I was too busy to weigh in on the World Vision scandal when Dr. Michael Brown broke the story this week (though he was not credited when it went viral). His brilliant commentary and analysis is a must-read.

Now, predictably, there has been a “reversal” of the World Vision decision to embrace same-sex “marriage,” after what I expect was a “vision” of bankruptcy when the boycott calls started flooding in to their switchboards.

I say predictably, because any clear-thinking person could have told Richard Stearns and the other leaders at World Vision that Bible-believing Christians (a substantial part of their donor base) were never going to accept this betrayal of Bible truth.

What has been unmistakably revealed in this scandal is that the leadership at World Vision does not hold a Biblical worldview. We’ve had clues of that from the organization’s increasing hostility to Israel in recent years (just do an internet search on World Vision and anti-Semitism), and from Stearns’s increasingly accommodative comments on LGBT issues (see Dr. Brown’s article).

So why is Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family rushing in to help them with damage control? “We were grateful to learn that this organization, which has done so much for so many over the years has reversed itself and will maintain the integrity of its Christian principles,” said Minnery. Integrity of its Christian principles? You first have to have such principles in order to “maintain” them. These stewards of over a billion dollars annually of God’s money have plainly shown that they are not following Christian principles but “Gay Theology,” the chief heresy of our age.

I’ve had my disagreements with Tom Minnery, but I consider him a Christian brother. I know that he does not embrace this “gay” heresy himself. Neither am I putting myself on the same level with him as a cultural influence. He is one of the most powerful men in Christendom today, while I run a humble inner-city mission church with a maximum capacity of 45. Yet in Christ we are equals and I do not hesitate to suggest that his approach to this scandal is a form of appeasement, and is representative of a widely-held but fundamentally flawed mindset that has brought the American pro-family movement to the edge of extinction. We’ve adopted humanistic public relations strategies in place of the powerful but unpopular truth of God, and, especially in this case, confused mercy with permissiveness.

World Vision has blatantly betrayed Christ and His Word. Its leaders should not be restored to Christian fellowship without repentance, which in this case would mean at minimum a clear repudiation of the reasoning that led them to embrace “gay marriage.”

When you find out that the funny-looking “sheep” is actually a wolf in a nice wool jacket, you don’t put him back in with the flock.

Last June I warned that the “gays” had completed their 40-year takedown of all secular resistance to their agenda with their 2013 conquest of the Boy Scouts of America (it began in ’73 with their conquest of the American Psychiatric Association), and that all of their battle-hardened cultural warriors and war machinery would now be turned against the church. I warned that their primary weapon would be “Gay Theology.”

One week later Alan Chambers shut down Exodus International, a global coordinator of independent ex-“gay” ministries, apologizing for ever having said homosexuals could change. He embrace of “Gay Theology” led him to repudiate 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 which says that former homosexuals who had been healed by Christ were part of the early church. Fortunately, a new umbrella group, Restored Hope Network, has replaced Exodus, and the work of helping homosexuals recover continues.

That was just the first salvo in what I believe is the final battle for Christian civilization in America: the battle for the church itself. Since then there have been many attacks, the most recent (before World Vision) being Dan Cathy of Chick Fil A appearing in the Atlanta Journal Constitution with the homosexual leader of “Campus Pride,” saying his statements in support of Biblical marriage in 2012 was a business mistake. This was no less a blow to the pro-family movement than the betrayal of Benedict Arnold in the Revolutionary War. In the comments section under my article blasting Cathy’s selfishness, Christians were rushing to his defense, saying he needed to be restored to fellowship. Of course he should be restored, AFTER he has repented of his sin.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, please awaken to the seriousness of our situation. The enemy is over the wall and fighting in our back yard. The tactics of trying to appease them by secularizing our arguments, dodging media criticism, acting “nicer than Jesus,” and compromising our values to keep the peace have not stopped them yet and won’t stop them now.

The answer to “Gay Theology” is not “Appeasement Theology.” The answer is the restoration of Masculinity in the church. We are at war and we need to step up and push back the antichrists wherever they intrude into the church. Richard Stearns needs to convince us that he understands why his actions were wrong before he receives another cent from Christians. Dan Cathy needs to convince us that standing for the truth of the Bible is more important that being allowed to put his restaurants on college campuses before we give him back our trust. We of the Bible-believing remnant need to start pressuring everyone who purports to speak for us to get off the defensive and start articulating the whole truth of God on this issue — regardless of the price they will pay for doing so!

Either the time for hiding behind the timid and tepid “defense of marriage” strategy and refusing to identify homosexual conduct and militancy as the problem is over, or our movement is over. God’s Word is our most powerful shield and sword. Let’s drop all of the human-driven philosophy of politics and public debate and put our faith in His plain truth backed by our zeal. If you can’t articulate and defend the Biblical worldview you have no business in Christian leadership.

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  • S_O_T_A

    Absolutely correct. In fact, I have been appalled at even the tepid response of organisations like National Organisation for Marriage and some others that unfortunately don’t come to mind right now (I don’t want to sound like I am just singling out NOM). Basically, if we don’t FIGHT HARD with solid biblical principles like Jesus defining the meaning of marriage, the real Christian church will be forced to go underground. But too often I see them playing ‘nice’ with the enemy. It won’t work, this is war.

    It shocks me how many people, even when they openly disagree with the homosexual agenda, still adopt their world views (i.e. people are ‘born that way’) and effectively give up the entire battle before they have begun.

    NOBODY is born with sexual feelings that override the God-given hardwiring of their bodies. Male and female are the only sexual identities – and hence the only combination – that are recognised before God.

    Many people do not seem to get that this is WAR.

    • usorthem3

      2 Chronicles 15 13 All people, young and old, male and female who refuse to dedicate their life to the Lord God of Israel were to be put to death.

      • Rickster Rickster

        bronze age nonsense

    • Rickster Rickster

      people are born that way. kindly deal with it. there is no evidence to prove anything to the contrary. anti-gay bigotry is the last heresy you are allowed from your bible and it is time it went the way of slavery.

  • polymath156

    Tom Minnery (formerly of Focus on the Family) is quite a guy and has dealt long and hard with the hate dealt out by the LGBTQQA etc zealots. I would not single him out for “weakness” in any analysis, but I heartedly agree that the average Christian pastor needs to become better read on sexual orientation (both the facts and fictions) to deal with America’s current cultural malaise. Which is really a spiritual malaise.

  • Oscar

    This article is far more reasoned and loving than his earlier diatribe against Dan Cathy, at this same site. Lively still stands firm against the extremist homosexuals here, but did it without condemning any Christian brothers to hell, any wild titles about taking Cathy the biblical Mark of the Beast, or any calling for Christian boycotts of Chik Fil A. He (rightly) called certain Christians to task, but without going far overboard as in the first. What a relief to read this piece!

    • thisoldspouse

      “Judgement begins in the House of God.”

      Or perhaps you forgot that part.

    • Truth Offends

      In his column, “Dan Cathy Takes the Mark of the Beast,” Scott Lively did NOT “condemn any Christian brothers to hell” (as I pointed out to you before in the comments section for that column). Also, Dr. Lively’s column (what you call a “diatribe”) did not contain any anger or anything at all that was not “reasoned and loving.”

      In that column, Dr. Lively gives an honest, albeit hard-hitting, warning about how difficult it will be to
      resist taking the mark of the beast that is described in Revelation. Using Dan Cathy and himself as examples, Dr. Lively describes some of the tactics the enemy uses to work against Christians. As one who is actually facing the absurd charges of “crimes against humanity” because he stood up strong for God’s truth, Dr. Lively offers empathy toward Mr. Cathy, not condemnation. And for all of that, we should thank Dr. Lively, not criticize him.

      The fact is that there will come a time when nobody(!) will be able to buy and sell unless they take the mark of the beast. Those who would join Dr. Lively’s boycott of Chick-Fil-A would get less than an even an itty-bitty taste of what things will be like in that time. But, if Chick-Fil-A’s profits suffer as a result of a boycott, Mr. Cathy may learn that he was wrong to think that standing up for God’s truth was a “mistake” and that, in fact, it is the backing away from God’s truth that is the mistake. Better to learn that now than later.

      But, Oscar, I think I can understand why, a few days ago, you offered especially harsh criticism of Dr. Lively’s “Mark of the Beast” column. It must be difficult to remain objective when (as you said in the comments section for that column) you find yourself to be “not worthy to tie Dan Cathy’s shoes”!

  • Rickster Rickster

    nothing like going straight to the hitler references. what is wrong with you people!

    • thisoldspouse

      It is supremely accurate.

    • Rickster Rickster

      only right wing religious cretins think like that

  • Rickster Rickster

    there is no such thing as the supernatural. there never has been. the only people who could possibly believe in such nonsense must be the descendants of syphilitic village idiots.

    • thisoldspouse

      You believe in plenty of things that are not physical, cannot be measured, and cannot be proven by science. I can prove that you do.

      Supernatural? You bet.

      • Rickster Rickster

        there is no supernatural.

  • Kathy Q

    monsters…….thats what scott lively called all lgbt’s. as far as i’m concerned, he is the next fred phelps.

    • thisoldspouse

      Source for that “quote?” We’ll be waiting… probably for a long time.

      Lies are awfully hard to document.

      • Kathy Q

        he just didn’t say monsters, he said evil, and created some crazy scale that categorizes gay people. one category is “monsters”. he also said they are capable of gas chambers.

        Even Fred Phelps didn’t go this far!

        if I share the link and I’m right, will you please apologize? here it is.

        please tell me if you believe this guys isn’t the next fred phelps?,AAAAAEabvr4~,Wtd2HT-p_VhJQ6tgdykx3j23oh1YN-2U&bctid=3404394487001

      • Kathy Q,AAAAAEabvr4~,Wtd2HT-p_VhJQ6tgdykx3j23oh1YN-2U&bctid=3404394487001

        Interesting that my link to these hideous beliefs by Lively were deleted.

        I am awaiting your apology ‘thisoldspouse’. i will humbly accept it and funny that my “lies” were able to be documented.

      • Kathy Q

        ah, okay Matt Barber. You deleted my proof that Scott Lively is the monster. You are more of a coward then I ever imagined!!! wow, i will prove you wrong every time. you are actually quite evil yourself. this blog is not based in truths.

        • Kathy Q


        • Kathy Q


        • Truth Offends

          As far as I can tell, deleted posts are shown to have been deleted.

          • Kathy Q

            no, unfortunately not the case. there is nothing that shows that. he just deletes what he doesn’t like. very communist of him :)

      • Kathy Q

        aha, just so everyone knows that reads this. 1) i did provide the link. 3x it was deleted.

        2) any likes on my original post have been removed

        matt barber can’t stand to be proven wrong. it must be a woman thing. right Matt?

        • Truth Offends

          You can tell us when and where you think Scott Lively says what you claim he said. You can direct people to a source without posting an actual link! (BTW: I searched for that, but cannot find it.)

          • Kathy Q

            actually I did that, and he deleted that too. i tried to post it several ways. ok try this. just delete any spaces.

            http: // / services/ player/ bcpid69900095001?bckey=AQ~~,AAAAAEabvr4~,Wtd2HT-p_VhJQ6tgdykx3j23oh1YN-2U&bctid=3404394487001

  • Truth Offends

    I checked your source. And, you are wrong. Your claim that Lively called “all LGBT’s ‘monsters'” is clearly false. He did not say that.