The Democrats’ Choice: Repeal ObamaCare or Impeach Obama


According to the Wall Street Journal, President Obama’s brigade of buffoons running his signature health care bill has waived the penalty for not buying health insurance.

Yes, you read that right. The individual mandate, which we were told by Obama was the key to making the whole thing work, has been dropped out of ObamaCare until 2016.

The decision “has received zero media notice,” and was buried in a paragraph and footnote in a seven-page technical bulletin which is about something else altogether. This guilty furtiveness is understandable since all along we’ve been told that the individual mandate is the indispensable, non-negotiable lynchpin of the whole deal. In essence, we were told that without the boot-on-the-neck force of the United States government, the thing wouldn’t work at all.

John Roberts, who rewrote this misbegotten bill from the bench to call the mandate a “tax” instead of a “penalty,” was apparently unavailable for comment on this latest development. Roberts sacrificed his judicial integrity, his legal reputation and his legacy to give Obama his law by shredding the Constitution, and now Obama has told him in effect he did it all for nothing.

Obama knew that if folks were given a choice, many of them would simply opt out of buying insurance altogether, particularly since the onerous requirements Obama slapped on every single solitary policy sold anywhere in the country would drive premiums, co-pays and deductibles through the ceiling.

So he had to exercise wholly tyrannical, illegal, unethical and unconstitutional powers to order the American people to buy insurance or else.

It hasn’t worked. And now the requirement is gone altogether. Some meaningless paperwork must be filed, but any excuse will do. You are only required to supply documentation “if possible.”

Signups for ObamaCare are proceeding at a sodden pace, and although HHS has been trumpeting over 4 million sign-ups – way short of their stated goal of 7 million – well over one million of those have not even made their first premium payment. So the number of the insured is actually a little over three million. When you consider the fact that over 6 million Americans had their health insurance canceled because of Obama, these are pathetic, dismal and disturbing numbers.

A special election was held yesterday in Florida, and Obama lost. It’s technically true that his name was not on the ballot, but everybody knew the election was a referendum on ObamaCare. The Republican candidate campaigned virtually exclusively on that issue, and his margin of victory would have been even higher if a libertarian candidate hadn’t siphoned off four percentage points or so.

In other words, the proverbial handwriting is on the wall, and things are now in desperate, desperate shape for Democrats. Their ship of state has hit the iceberg, water is flooding the holds, and without emergency measures, they are headed for the sea bed in November.

Someone described Obama and ObamaCare as an “albatross” around the neck of Democrats. The analogy is far too weak. Obama is an anvil around the neck of every Democrat who is on the ballot this fall. Democrats are scrambling to get as far away from Obama as humanly possible, and he himself is making pathetic and humiliating appearances on internet parody shows, flapping his arms manically trying to get this turkey off the ground.

Democrats are facing the prospect of almost certain political death in November. As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. My advice to the Democrats: the time is now to lead the charge for the full, entire, unqualified repeal of ObamaCare. Every last word.

Your only other alternative is to impeach your own president. Time to pick your poison, Democrats. Patch the boat by dumping ObamaCare and Obama or ride this puppy to the bottom of the ocean. Your choice. What will it be?

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)

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