(Video) Face of Modern Military: Homosexual Troops Perform in Drag at Air Force Base


Thanks to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the military’s longstanding policy towards ‘gays’ in the military, the military has seen an influx of gay marriage ceremonies and other events that celebrate the alternative lifestyle.

According to Stars and Stripes:

Six servicemembers — gay, lesbian and straight — donned heavy makeup to dance and lip sync songs such as “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” for a raucous capacity crowd at the Rocker NCO Club at Kadena Air Base. The event was a fundraiser for the recently formed Okinawa chapter of OutServe-SLDN, which is the largest nonprofit advocate for the military’s LGBT community.

“We didn’t think there was much of a desire for an event like this on the island but it has actually blown up,” said Navy Lt. Marissa Greene, co-chapter leader of OutServe Okinawa.

Proponents of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” have long argued that lifting the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military might create division within the ranks.

(Editor’s Note: Apparently, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has become put on Drag and “Show and Tell.” This is also the same U.S. Military that has also RECENTLY labeled evangelical Christians and Catholics as extremists along with al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the KKK; terminated the publishing of military-themed Bibles; ordered a cross and steeple removed from an overseas chapel; removed “God” from the logo of the Rapid Capabilities Office; took down a painting with a Bible verse from an Air Force Dining hall; deleted the phrase “so help me God” from three honor oaths in the 2012 edition of their official cadet handbook and removed a poster bearing the words “so help me God” at the Air Force Academy; and eliminated a nativity scene at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina. Obviously, the U.S. Military has change it’s ‘values’ and not for the better. The policy has become the eradication of all Christian references and symbols, which are then replaced with raunchy homosexual displays.)

Report via The Tea Party News Netowrk

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  • thisoldspouse

    I wonder how many service members were “requested” to go.

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  • Tom Soriano

    This is an absolute disgrace! America has become obsessed with “political correctness”, to a point of disgust. It’s one thing to have to put up with immorality and a totally different thing to flaunt and advertise it. Life is all about choices and I respect a person’s right to choose their lifestyle but, I don’t believe that they have the right to rub it in our noses everytime they get the opportunity. If gays and lesbians want to join the Armed Forces, they should be kept separate from soldiers that are straight. We could have a “Gay Brigade” or a “Lesbian Brigade” so that they can serve with honor without sickening the troops around them. Right now, everyone is concerned about sexual assaults in the military and I believe that gays and lesbians are waving a great big red flag in front of a very angry bull!

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  • Ohso

    I have years of video of the annual tx subsidized Anti-Male Hate Riot known as the San Francisco Dyke March – and could use help Editing it in to clips (with some necessary pixilation) – showing the Gridlock of cars, emergency vehicles and angry Dykes taking over the public streets without Permit or Payment of Costs…

    And Banning Males – as an act of Tolerance.
    Anybody wanna help with the project – producing clips from 30 seconds to ten minutes or so??
    Men told not to rain on parade Unity key to Dyke March / 50,000 expected at S.F. Dyke March 50,000 expected — Men Not Advised.

    Women rule the world, if only for a little while – SFGate

    For a few hours Saturday night, Vicki Noblegot a fleeting glimpse of a World Devoid of Men — and she came away excited and deeply moved.

    “This is what the world would look like if women ruled the world, which we intend to do,”http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Women-rule-the-world-if-only-for-a-little-while-2746076.php

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  • elHombre

    Russia versus US = Red versus Pink.

    • Donald York

      Every other God fearing nation on earth are unloading their undesirables on the USA, perversion prevails in our once great military. Our pResident ought to be tarred and feathered, and those that agree with him should also be.

  • Kent

    It’s become totally out of control. As Christians all we can do is hope the Second Coming arrives soon. The American people have become, under Obama, corrupt and perverted. The other alternative is Putin’s new Russia and the Chinese Communists overruning the U.S. With that one we know for certain that the Sodom and Gomorrah that the U.S. military and society in general will quickly end If you doubt that, see how homosexuals are treated in Cuba.

    • thisoldspouse

      I have to disagree with one point you made; only a corrupt and perverted people could be capable of putting someone evil like Obama in power. As utterly given over to perversity as Obama is, he is really a mere symptom of a sick, deluded society. His rise to power did not occur in a vacuum.

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  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    When Russian troops attack these weirdos will drop their guns and run away as fast as their boobies may allow.

    • thisoldspouse

      It’s hard to run in 8″ stilettos. Besides, they may break a nail.

  • Paul Brown

    This is the most F***ing disgrace I have ever seen from our so called military in my life. I remember when I was in and got in trouble for being in BDU’s { Battle Dress Uniforms} off post in a public establishment. The Colonel chewed our asses out for doing that and we got extra duty for it, I got pulled out of that because I knew the Colonel personally, he was a friend. This would never have been stood for in the service before and these pigs should be shot before a firing squad for this treasonous act of disgrace. This has got to be because of the Transvestite that Osama the dichead is living with in the WH.

  • englishrancher

    At first I thought it was being done in jest and mockery, but I guess not.

  • Guest

    At least the straight service members know who the enemy is.


    If you read C.S. Lewis’ book, The Abolition of Man, first copywright in 1944, you have to shake your head in disgust. He was right on target. “Education” has been shaping minds for about 100 years in the U.S., and now we have a president and administration which has opened pandora’s box, and the geni is NOT going to just flit back in. St Paul writes, “…we are to be IN the world, not OF the world.” I can’t fathom the mind and desire of someone who becomes homosexual. Rampant pornography, failure of some families, vampirish coverage of SOME clergy abusing church members, institutional promotion of sloth, theft and lieing….and on and on. Real Military warriors have enough to dread going into a battle zone. (I agree, Okinawa is FAR from even the term “battle zone”, and troops there have WAY too much time on their hands.) The adminnstration — the Commander in Chief — is a failure, a fraud and a laughing stock in other countries. Respect has vanished, both within and without. For some, self-respect is not even a CONSIDERATION! Our MISSION, fellow patriots, is to PRAY and VOTE! CAMPAIGH FOR CANDIDATES WHO HAVE A RECORD OF PROMOTING INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY and INTELLIGENCE. It’s OUR election if we WANT IT!

  • pandainc

    A !@#%$$^%&*( Navy Lieutenant. A #@@#$%^ Naval officer. Surely wasn’t like that 40 years ago, and the old Master Chief sez it!

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  • http://www.RAFilms.org/ Robert Avery

    Should soldiers be running into combat holding hands? How many want to play submarine today at the USO? ooops sorry, uh no.

  • homobama

    This is what happens when you elect an America-hating mulatto marxist gay golfmonkey for your president. Why is anyone surprised?