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Audio Report: Fight for Religious Freedom


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Aaron and Melissa Klein were asked to bake a cake to celebrate a divorce.  But Aaron and Melissa said “no.”  They don’t celebrate divorce.

They would not bake a cake to celebrate an abortion.  Nor should they be forced to use their artistic talents, abilities and resources to celebrate the sin of homosexual behavior.  They were threatened and attacked by the homosexual lobby, fined thousands of dollars. and eventually had to close their bakery as a result of this assault to their freedom of religion.

Bullied into submission.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was also bullied by the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney to veto the Religious Freedom bill.  Even some who voted for it were bullied to back away from their support.

It’s time to stand up to the bullies and fight for religious freedom or the next business to be closed could be yours.

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Homosexual Agenda and the US Military

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Homosexual Agenda and the US Military is a field manual for US service members and military chaplains. This Gospel-Centered, polemical book exposes the homosexual agenda that adversely affects Religious Liberty for Christians. There are several homosexual activists that will demand equality and tolerance. However, homosexual activists are not so equal or tolerant towards anyone that disagrees with their position on same sex marriage or transgenderism. They will claim to love all, but they really do not mean all—they mean agenda. This is because the homosexual agenda has a definition for inclusivity—their way or the highway.


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