(Video) Is Gay OK? 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know


After four years of work, this video, hosted by BarbWire contributor Larry Tomczak, is now available to help individuals know the truth about 10 significant myths and falsehoods circulating in our culture among people (especially young people) and leading them into serious deception. Christians must be salt and light, but first they must become informed so that they can engage people in a charitable and uncompromising way concerning biblical truth on marriage, sex and family. Many Christians are tongue-tied and therefore remain silent on these issues. Many pastors and parents struggle answering legitimate questions that are raised and covered clearly in this video. Some pastors and parents are silent on these critical issues and must turn away from passivity and fear of man to address these issues from the Word of God.

BarbWire highly recommends this video be viewed by young people, parents, pastors, youth leaders and individual citizens who are concerned about the redefinition of marriage and the legitimization of homosexuality and same-sex marriage in our day. Pastors can show this video on a Sunday morning in place of a service to educate and equip their flock. Parents can gather with their children and watch this tastefully done video and then have a conversation about a biblical worldview on the topics.

“All that’s required for the triumph of evil is for good men to say nothing.” We no longer can be silent. We must speak up if we are going to see a turnaround in our nation based on truth not deception and lies.



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  • rcdcr

    Such silliness.

    What on earth do non-gay christians know about being gay?

    Exactly nothing.

    This video is like a man explaining what’s wrong with the cross your heart underwire bra.

    Or like a footless being shopping for shoes.

    You know nothing about what you are trying to speak about.

    This makes the people involved in the video look like they are producing this for immoral reasons, not for truth. Or love. Or Christ.

    Bearing false witness is something our Lord Jesus Christ calls sin.

    We are praying for you, Mr. Barber & crew!!!

    • Realitycbd

      You have to remember, men like Barber seem to want to tell women how their bodies work too.

  • Jack Smythe

    It amazes me that those who claim to be christian and live by their gods word would produce something so full of lies and inaccuracies. Pathetic

    • thisoldspouse

      Name the lies. Or shut up.

      • rcdcr

        Name the truth. Or learn the meaning of it.

        • MarkOH


    • Richard Rush

      Given that these are God’s best people, I can only conclude that God loves lies and inaccuracies.

  • mikev14

    Actually, I’d like to meet some of these “tongue-tied Christians”. Haven’t encountered this breed before. They might have a different view of things that’s worth listening to.

  • Richard Rush

    Is Gay OK? Yes, of course it is, just as blue eyes, red hair, and being left handed are all OK. It is completely normal that people are made with some or all of those characteristics, and of course there are many more that could be listed.

    Since I came out in 1969 (yes, the summer of Stonewall), I have witnessed the enormous changes. It started very slowly, and the pace of change has continued to accelerate to the point where now it is almost a blur – for example, one night a week or so ago I went to bed, and woke up the next morning to the news that another another marriage ban had been struck down.

    I wonder if all you Christians out there suffering from human decency deficiency are setting yourselves up for more embarrassment by praying for a sea-change that is simply not going to happen. If God were going to intervene and change course, s/he’s had 45 years to think about it, but it just continues to get better for us.

  • DBene

    RCDCR: Let’s have some discussion without the hostility.
    For instance, if you cannot abide the Bible at all (what we Christians think are God’s words), what can you know about this Christian perspective?

    By the way, I do not agree with how a lot of “Christians” act and speak about homosexuality. they are wrong not to act in love (caring) for and about EVERY one.