True Courage in the NFL: An Open Letter to the President, the Commissioner and the Rainbow Choir


This past Monday, sports radio erupted with the news that the NFL was about to have its first openly gay player.  Michael Sam, former defensive stand out for the Missouri Tigers had just come out of “the locker room” with the revelation that he is “gay,” and sports radio was anything but “sports” on Monday.  Across the dial hosts fell over one another to say how “great,” and “courageous” this was and how “outrageous” and “bigoted” it would be to not don the rainbow glasses and genuflect in a glitter shower of approval.

From local host to syndicated show nearly every voice used the same terms, made the same points and came to the same conclusions.  Michael Sam’s coming out was a great moment in American history and only a few barefoot and bucktooth Bible thumpers would not be riding the rainbow band-wagon.

ESPN covered it all day long, Mike and Mike speaking of it as if it were akin to Jackie Robinson and the civil rights victories of the sixties.  Not to be outdone, Colin Cowherd welcomed it as a grand thing that only the truly bigoted would oppose.  Cowherd, oft given to firing from the lip with invective and hyperbole, left no stone unturned or un-thrown at those who would not celebrate “Colin Cowherd’s coronation of connubial carnality.”

He made the statement that the NFL was the perfect league to debut “fabulous,” because it was by far the more progressive league and had many more college graduates than say, Major League Baseball.  He shunned the thought of a “gay” man coming out in the MLB because baseball is made up of mostly “Hispanics” and religious types and well you know how “rigid” and stupid those groups tend to be, right?  Get it? –  Mexicans, Bible-bangers, machismo with no education; it is downright third world in that MLB!

A football player announcing his penchant for penis is a seminal event in our nation’s history and if anyone dare disagree, well they must be wearing a Tebow jersey under their Klan sheet as they goosestep to the Westboro Baptist’s hitlerjugend und bund deutscher.

At one point Cowherd belittled the many people who were disagreeing with him on social media, quite rigidly spewing, “Don’t tell me about your friends and family members who are ‘homosexual,’ that’s a clinical term.  They’re ‘gay,’ they’re just gay.”  I guess he wouldn’t want to hear about my friends Linda Jernigan and Greg Quinlan because they’re “ex-gay,” – just ex-gay.

Aren’t you tired of the sexualization of America?  From six year old beauty pageant victims to an NBC Olympic announcer dressing in drag, sexuality is pushed everywhere.  NBC and GM are busy in your face with their gay Olympiad and now the NFL is threatening the same.

FLOTUS proudly took time out of her busy schedule to tweet, “You’re an inspiration to all of us.  We couldn’t be prouder of your courage both on and off the field.”  A bit later the president chimed in with “Congratulations on leading the way.  That’s real sportsmanship.”

There you have it America!  A dude, proudly proclaiming to his team and then the world that he prefers a** to vagina is now a presidential moment and enough to inspire the first couple to recognize him as an “inspiring,” “courageous,” trail-blazing “sportsman?”

The NFL used to be a place we could turn to avoid politics and propaganda.  When the front page and business section were Rembrandt dark we could always turn to the back section to forget, if only for the moment, controversy, catastrophe and the clash of worldviews.  No more.  America just got a make-over and Mapplethorpe is in, Rockwell is out.  There’s not a corner in the country that is safe from the politically correct, “you’ll bow at our command,” North American man boy football lover’s association.  Jane’s Addiction was right, “Nothing’s Shocking,” and therefore nothing is sacred.

The truth is that I don’t want to know what you did last night in your bedroom.  And if it’s the NFL we’re talking about, I don’t want to know what the BDSM, LGBTQ, WXYZ, promiscuous fornicating, serial adulterer, pimp, mac daddy of a quarterback did last night!  I want to know what he does on third down!

An NFL prospect comes forward with his predilection for virile members and gluteus maximus and the “elitists” stop to salute his “courage?”  Well, President Obama, Commissioner Goodell and Colin Cowherd, let’s talk about real courage in the NFL.

Is Nigerian prince and devout Christian, Prince Amukamara an inspiring trailblazer for announcing his sexuality?  He’s a virgin.  I mean if you really want to keep abortions “rare,” and every child a “wanted child,” wouldn’t Prince be someone that the administration and the NFL should promote?  Guys like Prince and Tebow would be great role models when you consider the epidemic of out of wedlock births to NFL players, you know, like that which was painfully expressed on your NFL sanctioned show Hard Knocks when NY Jet Antonio Cromartie struggled to remember all of his kid’s names – his seven kids, four of which are 3 years old.  Yes, 2007 was a busy year for Mr. Cromartie!

If you want to tweet someone who expresses courage by his “sexuality,” then how about Philip Rivers, a devout Catholic who remained a virgin until he married in 2001.  Rivers and his wife, Tiffany, have six children themselves and they run a charity that benefits orphans and foster kids.  I know; that’s so Dickens, right?  Nothing to see here!  Moving on!

How about Martellus Bennett?  In 2012, while playing for the New York Giants, the tight end had four catches for 44 yards and 15’ on “Sunday Night Football.”  Oh, and that fourth catch for 15’?  That was the fan that he caught who fell out of the stands.  How’s that for courage “on and off the field,” Michelle?

If that’s not tweet worthy then how about Tennessee Titans rookie, Jonathan “Tig” Willard who rescued a family and its dog from a burning car or Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Leonard Pope, who earlier this year, saved a six year old boy from drowning?  Did you tweet either of them, Mr. President?

True courage in the NFL is not pimping your sexual peccadillos while soliciting approbation from those with a political agenda; it’s Joe Delaney.  Some thirty years ago, Joe, a star running back of the Kansas City Chiefs, dove into a pond, even though he couldn’t swim, to save three drowning boys.  Two of the boys made it out although one would die later that day in an emergency room.  Joe drowned trying to rescue the last child.  That’s courage, Mr. President.

And how about this commissioner Goodell, would it not have been the right thing, the courageous thing to do, if you would have openly rebuked Fox Sports for firing their sportscaster Craig James over his religious beliefs? James was fired after only one day on the job when hire ups at Fox realized he had answered a question affirming Biblical marriage in a debate for a Texas senate seat.  Don’t tell me that a public rebuke from the NFL commissioner followed up by a private call saying, “We will not have this under my watch,” wouldn’t have made a difference.

And what a statement that would have been for true “tolerance,” coming from a man who himself has a “gay” brother.  Of course that would require courage, objectivity and integrity all of which are probably a bit too much to ask of this commissioner or this president.

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  • MarkOH

    “The truth is that I don’t want to know what you did last night in your bedroom. ”

    Oh, but you clearly do care. Otherwise, why this long diatribe regarding a football player who has decided to be honest about his life?

    • tylerwjohnson

      It’s simple. He definitely doesn’t want to know what you did last night in your bedroom. However, he does care when you take what you did last night in your bedroom and flaunt it, broadcast it everywhere, and push it in our faces.

      • MarkOH

        I guess ignorance is bliss. Why know the truth when he can bask in unreality?

      • Realitycbd

        If somebody is showing photos of their sex life in public, I suggest you call the police. That would be illegal.

      • JohnnyC

        But that’s just it, neither you, I or the author of this piece of drivel has the faintest clue what Michael Sam did in his bedroom last night or any night. All we know is that Sam is looking for a boyfriend, not a girlfriend. If that brings the particulars of what he does in his bedroom to your mind, it’s your problem, not his.

      • Praying_for_a_Blaze_of_Glory

        He also, I dare say, cares that you are deliberately trying to indoctrinate our children into the gay lifestyle. Gays absolutely do not want to keep their bedroom to themselves. If they did so, we wouldn’t hear about it every single day, there wouldn’t be gay parades and rainbow flags everywhere we go and they wouldn’t be trying to poison our children’s minds. They claim to be so persecuted and treated so horribly – why would you wish that on an innocent child then? Proof of the gay agenda:

  • thisoldspouse

    This is such a ridiculous cultural movement, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.

    He has just declared himself more prone to numerous diseases, including at least 8 times more likely to contract HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and a host of other deleterious health maladies than the general public.

    What’s not to be proud of?

    • MarkOH

      As opposed to the guy who marries and screws around on the side? Or the heterosexual with multiple sex partners?

      • thisoldspouse

        We weren’t talking about that guy. Please try to take your ADHD meds and pay attention.

        • Richard Rush

          Back in the days before antibiotics and other solutions to medical issues (thank to science), heterosexual contact was far more risky than any sexual contact is today. Was anyone trying to prohibit heterosexuality in those days, or did that idea just take hold in recent years as part of the broader persecution campaign against homosexuals?

        • MarkOH

          Do you know if Mr. Sam is sexually active? Do you know if he is in a monogamous relationship? Do you know if he has multiple sex partners? Because, unless you know the FACTS (those pesky things that always seem to get in the way of your beliefs) then he is no different than anyone else.

  • Halou

    Considering the bills in Tennessee and Kansas that would have made it legal for a religious person/group to deny almost any form of business, accommodation, or service to a homosexual, it would be quite a momentous decision for him to openly say that he is gay and willingly see himself subjected to what has been dubbed by some media as ‘gay segregation’.

    • thisoldspouse

      Yeah, freedom just sucks, doesn’t it Halou?

      • MarkOH

        SO you are in favor of the new gay Jim Crow laws?

        • thisoldspouse

          You don’t even know what “Jim Crow laws” are, you poor thing.

          • MarkOH

            Actually, I do. I was in the south when segregation was still in existence.

      • Halou

        The whole gay rights vs. religious liberty issue show just how much of an illusion “freedom” is.
        Both sides say they’re on the receiving end of discrimination and both sides have legitimate grievances. And at the end of the day someone is going to have to take second place, being less free than the other.

        • MarkOH

          The problem is what people are claiming is their religious liberty. They will throw a wedding, bake a cake, or sell flowers to an adulterer, murderer, child molester, divorced person, someone from another religion and that’s alright. But they won’t for a gay wedding because THAT goes against their beliefs? That’s how ridiculous the religious freedom argument is. It is merrely a way to legalize bigotry and discrimination.

          • Halou

            I too remember that bakery appearing in the news.
            After rejecting a gay wedding cake for their religious beliefs, they were not in the least bit suspicious when they started getting requests for cakes celebrating things like divorce, stem cell research, or a pagan solstice event, and there was even one request for a satanic pentagram. All of which they accepted without any such hesitation or moral difficulty.
            Needless to say, their selective application religious beliefs was ruled to be discriminatory.

        • thisoldspouse

          Freedom is an illusion? I suppose The U.S. Constitution is an illusion to you as well, as it is to this despotic president.

          • Halou

            The Constitution is not such a flawless document, it’s 27 or more ratified amendments go some way to proving that. The first ten of which were hurriedly added in less than a year of the Constitution’s making. And even though the amendments are generally aimed at improving the efficiency of government while keeping it’s reach limited as well as protecting liberties of citizens, even the Constitution isn’t immune to abuses such as the terms of the now voided 18th amendment.
            So while the Constitution as a physically real document isn’t an illusion, the way in which it is often seen as a defining absolute of American values and/or a great monument to the perfection of liberty, that is an illusion.
            As for the President, the 22nd Amendment applies.

  • PoliticalGirl50

    so I am beginning to get the picture. Barbwire is basically a new blog that all of the gay haters can post their demeaning material. Barber, Kirkwood, the fake “Dr. Brown”, etc. Are you having fun fellas attacking a group of people you know nothing about? I’m sure Jesus would be proud of you! I guess there is no one else you can pick on anymore, right?