Writing with full-blown perma-grin, Mother Jones scribe Josh Harkinson asks, “Will Your State Be Next To Legalize Pot?”

“Colorado and Washington were just the start. The movement to end the prohibition of pot is catching fire, with legalization bills and ballot measures now being discussed in 19 states and the District of Columbia,” he crows. “Marijuana activists predict that recreational pot smoking will become legal this year in Alaska, Oregon, and quite possibly Rhode Island, which could be the first state to take the leap by a vote of its legislature.”

Right, if America needs anything right now it’s a THC-heavy cloud of pot smoke from coast-to-coast. Can’t get your twenty-something out of your basement? Help’s on the way: Legalized marijuana! Now that’ll get ‘em moving.

“But that’s not all, states are looking at creating or expanding medical-marijuana programs, or are vastly scaling back penalties for small-time possession,” continues the bud-jonesing young Harkinson. “With a slew of polls now showing that most Americans think pot should be taxed and regulated like alcohol, it’s probably only a matter of time before legalization sweeps the nation.”

You’re probably right, Josh. And China, Russia and the Islamic world at large are pretty darned excited about it too. An unmotivated, high, lazy enemy with the munchies makes for light work on the battle field.

Check out Josh’s nifty state-by-state chart to see just how stoned your state legislators are.

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